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You Lucky Dog by Julia London

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English | 350 Pages

Title: You Lucky Dog
Author: Julia London
Year: 2020

An unintentional pet swap lets loose an unforeseen love suit in this brand-new charming funny from New York Times bestselling writer Julia London.

Carly Kennedy’s life remains in a spiral. She is sinking in job, her separated moms and dads are undergoing their change of lives, and also in some way Carly’s sis persuades her to cultivate Baxter-a basset canine rescue with a negative instance of cries. When Carly gets back late from job eventually to find that the pet pedestrian has actually inadvertently changed out Baxter for an additional perkier, friendlier basset canine, she has actually gotten to completion of her chain.
When Max Sheffington discovers a clinically depressed male basset canine instead of his joyful Hazel, he is baffled. But when adorable, intense Carly gets here on his front door, he is fascinated. He was anticipating the pet pedestrian, not a rather female with company concepts regarding pet technique. And Carly was not anticipating a good-looking, bespectacled guy to be feeding her pet mac and also cheese. Baxter is stupefied with Hazel,…


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