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Star Trek  Body by Starfleet  A Fitness Guide by Robb Pearlman

Star Trek Body by Starfleet A Fitness Guide by Robb Pearlman | 21.01 MB
English | 125 Pages

Title: Star Trek: Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide
Author: Robb Pearlman, Chris Tutela
Year: 2019

Star Trek: Body by Starfleet
A totally illustrated information that bridges the nexus between stasis and well being, Star Trek: Body by Starfleet offers actual, sensible, and enjoyable workout routines for Star Trek followers of all ages and bodily talents in order that they might boldly stay lengthy and prosper.

Drawing from essentially the most celebrated and iconic parts of over 50 years of Star Trek, Body by Starfleet will present any pop-culture (or junk-food) junkie a enjoyable and wholesome solution to have interaction their warp core and get shifting. Whether you view the fitness center as an impenetrable ultimate frontier or often bench press boulders like a Gorn, these easy, easy-to-follow directions — created in session with an authorized health coach — is for readers of all ages and health ranges to navigate by way of a collection of enterprising workout routines.

Everyone, from an ensign within the Command Training Program to an admiral who’s voyaged by way of each quadrant, will profit from the greater than 30 workout routines that includes Klingon Tribble Twists, Chekov’s Cossack Squats, Jefferies Tube Climbers, and Wesley Crunchers. All of the workout routines in Body by Starfleet are designed for normal gravity to allow them to be carried out with little to no tools all over the place from residing rooms to gyms to holodecks. Also included is a bit protecting vitamin so readers can program their replicators to eat higher and cleaner, a exercise log for recording actions and progress, and particular workout routines aimed towards non-humanoid species together with Horta and Medusans.


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