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Outrageous by Minerva Spencer

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Title: Outrageous
Author: Minerva Spencer
Year: 2021

From good-looking captive . . .

When Eva de Courtney abducts Godric Fleming, her only strategy is to quit the bothersome earl from maltreating her precious sibling. But as soon as she has the interesting rogue in the boundaries of her carriage, she yearns to taste the enthusiasm she detects simmering under his tough outside. Her prohibited strategy is handicapped, nevertheless, when Godric transforms the tables, taking her captive instead-and requiring they wed at the same time . . .

To unanticipated suitor . . .

The last point Godric intends to do is make the fiery, spontaneous Eva his better half, regardless of her delightful mouth as well as attractive virtue. He recognizes from experience that absolutely nothing is permanently, not also like. But honor needs he do right by the girl, regardless of exactly how stubbornly Eva attempts to hang on to her self-reliance. And while the roadway to the Scottish boundary is pestered with risk, Godric’s biggest obstacle is to maintain his hands-and his heart-from his…



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