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Out for Blood by Steven Banks

Out for Blood by Steven Banks | 30.6 MEGABYTES
English | 295 Pages

Title: Out for Blood
Author: Steven Banks, Mark Fearing
Year: 2021

Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is back-and so is the monster that attacked him-in this monstrously amusing collection concerning a young boy that’s passing away to suit.
Eleven-year-old Tom was attacked by a vampire, a monster, and also a zombie right prior to the very first day of intermediate school. It was a strange and also insane day. And he really did not also obtain excused from 6th quality!
Now he’s being hounded by the monster that attacked him. Should Tom sign up with a wolf pack? On the one hand, he can quit institution and also research for life. (He truly does not intend to do his background record.) On the various other hand, he would certainly miss atrioventricular bundle, his pals, and also Annie, his maybe-possibly-someday partner. He may also miss his huge sis, Emma.
Then the vampire that attacked him returns with a caution: the monster threatens. Perhaps Tom need to stick to 6th grade-even if it’s primarily skill program dissatisfactions, apprehension, and also chicken-turkey-salami-roast beef sandwiches.
Created by an Emmy-chosen author for SpongeBob, The Adventures…



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