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Farmers Market Fatality by Sarah Hualde

Farmers Market Fatality by Sarah Hualde | 476.74 KB
English | 251 Pages

Title: Farmers Market Fatality
Author: sarah hualde
Year: 2019

This period’s plant is awesome.
Honey Pot’s yearly Farmers Market isn’t the exact same without its major planner. Unfortunately,  Mario Muggs has just about went away. When his anxious other half is tortured by defiant teenagers, Lydia looks for to comfort her next-door neighbor. Little does she understand, the secret of Mario’s loss is simply starting to flower.
When his body resurfaces in a next-door neighbor’s garbage barrel, Lydia quits looking for a straying partner and also starts the search for a killer. Kat, Flora, and also Ivy are along for the trip as they look for Mario’s awesome prior to the awesome can gather an additional sufferer.

Book #3 in the Honey Pot Mystery Series has Lydia, Flora, Ivy, and also Kat looking for hints and also getting involved in problem. You’ll like this town comfortable secret starring homeschool mothers and also composed by a homeschool mother. Grab your duplicate today and also prepare to keep up late.


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