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Countdown to Mecca by Michael Savage

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Title: Countdown to Mecca
Author: Michael Savage
Year: 2015

An aircraft bound for Amman, Jordan drops in the Caspian Sea. The accident generates no survivors-save the Russian mercenary that pirated the flight-and a barrel having a representative of unmatched devastating possibility is missing out on from the wreck. A very carefully outlined terrorist strike has actually been taken into activity, as well as the resulting turmoil may be sufficient to press America towards one more pricey battle.
The one guy that may be able to quit the strike is Jack Hatfield, a freelance press reporter that has actually never ever avoided debate. After making a politically inaccurate declaration concerning Islamic extremists, he has actually been challenged as a reporter as well as entrusted to get the items of his occupation. But when his half-brother Sammy calls him, claiming that his next-door neighbor Ana heard something she should not have as well as currently both their lives remain in threat, Jack recognizes he’s come across a conspiracy theory to damage Mecca. Now he, as well as a team of likeminded buddies on the edges of the regulation, have to discover…


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